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Unit 1: Numbers to 31, Ordinal Numbers, Graphs and Patterns
(PowerPoints, Links, and Activities included)

Building Numbers
Teacher Note
Activity 1:  Building Numbers Using Dot Pattern Card Activity 2:  Building Numbers - Overhead Dots
Activity 3:  Building Numbers - Dot Flash Cards

Activity 4:  Building Numbers - Ten Trains

Activity 5: Building Numbers - Longer Trains

Activity 6:  Building Numbers - What Things Are Six?

Activity 7:  Building Numbers - Press and Say Activity 8:  Personal Interview for GLEs 1 & 2
Activity 9:  Writing Numbers - Roll and Write Activity 10:  Writing Numbers 2 - Find, Press and Write

Calendar Math
Daily calendar work needs to include some or all of the following activities.

Activity 11:  Calendar Math - Ordinal Numbers Activity 12:  Calendar Math - Writing the Date
Activity 13:  Calendar Math -
Taking Down the Calendar
Activity 14:  Calendar Math - Straw Count
Activity 15: The Literature Connection—Counting  

Number Line Math

Activity 16: Number Line Math - Days in School 

Activity 17:  Number Line Math - Count Up and Back

Activity 18: Number Line Math -What Comes
Before, After, and Between?

Activity 19:  Number Line Math -
One to One
Hundred Chart
Pattern & Graphs
Teacher Note
Activity 20:  Pattern - Rhythmic Patterns

Activity 21:  Pattern - Other Words
for Rhythmic Patterns

Activity 22:  Pattern - The Literature
Connection –Pattern:
Activity 23:  Pattern Trains With Linking Cubes
Activity 24:  Rope It! Activity 25:  Estimate!
Activity 26:  Compare and Go!

Activity 27:  Concrete Graphs

Activity 28:  Graphing Activity 29: Graph: How Many Claps?
Activity 30:  Sort It!

Activity 31:  Data Sort

Activity 32:  My Ten Dot Book Activity 33:  Number Poem
Activity 34:  Counting With Organized Tally Marks  

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