Johnny Appleseed (Finding ear, eer and er words)

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Have you ever heard of John Chapman? You probably about him each year, but don’t know what his real name is. Most people know John Chapman as “Johnny Appleseed”.

John Chapman was born in Massachusetts on September 26, 1775, Chapman his nickname because he planted apple trees during his travels across the wilderness. He was one of America’s great .

In 1792, 18 old Chapman went west to plant apple trees. In 1801, Chapman brought 16 bushels of apple seeds down the Ohio River and land to plant trees.

Each year, he traveled hundreds of miles on foot wearing a coffee sack with holes cut out for arms. With his long , it is said that he carried a cooking pot on his head. He loved to sleep outdoors.

In 1830, Chapman was able to get land in Indiana. There he produced thousands apple trees. Many said he was a man and was generous. He loved the wilderness and was gentle with animals.

Johnny Appleseed loved planting apple planting apple trees. John Chapman died on February 18, 1847. Even though Johnny Appleseed has beed dead for a long time, many still for the special ways.

Next time you bite into an apple, Jonathan Chapman, better known as "Johnny Appleseed."