Johnny Appleseed Timeline

Read the story below of Johnny Appleseed.  Gather the information on a sheet of paper.  Type the date and a short answer what he did that year. (Example 1775 - Born, 1775, et.)

John Chapman was born in Massachusetts on September 26, 1775, He was one of America’s great pioneers known as Johnny Appleseed.

In 1792, Chapman went west to plant apple trees.  In 1801, Chapman brought apple seeds down the Ohio River .  Each year, he traveled hundreds of miles on foot wearing a coffee sack with holes cut out for arms. 

In 1830, Chapman was able to get land in Indiana. There he produced thousands apple trees. Johnny Appleseed loved planting apple planting apple trees. 

John Chapman died on February 18, 1847 Next time you bite into an apple, think of "Johnny Appleseed." 



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