Interactive Poetry Center Links for Older Students

Read Write Think Poem Interactives
Acrostic Poem Diamante Poem Interactive Strapless Book for Cinquains
 Shape Poem Link Magnetic Board Interactive Riddle Poem Interactive
Idioms Letter Poem Creator Postcard Creator (Use to write poetic messages)
Venn Diagram to Compare & Contrast Poems Printing Press to Publish Poems Compare & Constrast Poem Interactive
More Poetry Interactives
New A blank 'fridge' for you to write your own words. Poetry Editor Link Write Express Online Rhyme Tool
Poetry Terms An Overview of PoetryThis is a PowerPoint show Forms of Poetry  Many PPTS


Do you know your metaphors? Do you know your similes? Figurative Language
Alliteration or Simile Bud, Not Buddy - [these links open on new pages] quizzes on similes & metaphors Matching | Flashcards | Chasing Metaphors
Figurative Language Quiz  alliteration, similes and metaphors, personification, connotation and imagery Literary Devices Quizzes Matching | Concentration | Flashcards Metaphor Battleship Quiz -Quia quiz using the Battleship game format
Metaphor Quiz a five-question quiz at Quia Metaphor Quiz  
Instant Poetry Interactives
All About Me Poem All I Want Emotional Animal
"Big Day" Haiku Biography Bio-Poem
Birthday Cinquain Color My World
Animals Go to School Life Lessons Fear
Explorer Profile 5W Hello Spring
Go From First Line To Last Line Good Times Cinquain
Lune Rhyme Time with the Seasons Septet
Hold On Holiday Poem Some of My Best Friends are Metaphors
Dear... Diamond I Am...
I Can't Write a Poem I Don't Understand... I Like Animals Because
Ice Cream I Used To... I'm in Charge of the World
Itsy Bitsy Spider Poem Lament Lantern (Shape)
If Hope Could Be a.. If Hope Could Be a.... Limerick
I Once Knew If Emotion Were a... I Remember
List Poem Louder Than You Can Imagine Noun + Adjective + Phrase = Poem
Me & My Shadow Name Octopoem
Mask Nature Personified Ode to the Phases of the Moon
Pensee Phone Number Poem Quinzaine Poem
Once I Was... One Inch Tall Spring Poem
Rhetorical Question Rhymin' Simon This is the Poem That...
Sweet Dreams Switcheroo Tanka
Verb Verse What If.. Who am I?
William Carlos Williams Tribute Poem I William Carlos Williams Tribute Poem II Wish
Writer's Affirmation Wishes and Fears Yes, But Poem
Yes, That's Me Here Comes the Seasons I Asked
Love That Poem Spine Poem Love That Poem

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