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Activity 2:  Using a Word Grid (GLEs:  9, 14, 18)

Materials List:  chart for word grid  

Co-construct a word grid (view literacy strategy descriptions ) on the board or on a chart to reinforce vocabulary used to describe properties of matter (see example). This strategy involves building a grid to emphasize attributes of various types of matter. Assist students in generating a list of items from each state of matter and words that describe the attributes or properties of matter. The objects suggested by the students (make certain each type of matter is represented) are listed on the vertical axis of the grid and the attributes are listed on the on the horizontal axis. Have volunteers mark the chart with a plus (+) or minus () sign to show what attributes are applicable to each object. The word grid provides students with a visual connection between the object and the attribute.

The grid should remain on the board or wall and can be referred to often to remind students of important attributes of matter.

Word Grid






Definite Shape

Metal fork












Ice Cube


















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