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Activity 4:  How Low Can You Go? (GLEs: 2, 21)

Materials List:  Goldilocks and the Three Bears story book 

Through guided questions, review previous activity with the class and discuss the meaning of pitch (the “highness or lowness” of a sound) as it relates to sound. 

Read the story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Have students volunteer to be the characters in the story.  Reread the story while the volunteers use their “bear” voices to speak each part.  After the rereading, discuss how each student changed his/her voice to portray his/her character.

·     How did you use your voice to demonstrate pitch?

·     What are other examples of sounds with a high or low pitch?

Discuss the vibrations of vocal cords. Have students place their hands on their throats to feel the vibrations as they speak or sing a note.

How It Works!

Air is pushed from your lungs over flaps of muscle called vocal cords.  The vocal cords begin to vibrate when the air passes over them. This creates the sound of your voice.

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