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Activity 5:  You Are My Sunshine (GLEs: 2, 4, 10)

Materials List:  white board or chart, science learning logs, Science Learning Log Recording Sheet BLM (see Activity 2)Science Learning Log Rubric BLM (see Activity 2), a variety of resource texts (see resource list)

Using the SPAWN strategy (view literacy strategy descriptions), write the following prompt on the white board or chart:  “What if you woke up and the Sun was no longer shining and it was completely dark outside?   What do you think would happen?” SPAWN is an acronym that stands for five categories of writing options (Special Powers, Problem Solving, Alternative Viewpoints, What If?, and Next).  This is an informal type of writing that gets students thinking about the content to be presented or reflect on what has just been learned.  Have students copy (or provide response sheets with prompt) and respond to the questions in their science learning logs, (view literacy strategy descriptions). After an appropriate amount of time have volunteers share their responses.  Encourage students to engage in a discussion of some of the ideas presented by their peers. An assessment rubric for science learning log entries is provided as the Science Learning Log Rubric BLM.   

Introduce and display several resource texts about light.  Read selected sections to confirm predictions or provide new information about the importance of the Sun.     

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