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Activity 7:  Just Passing Through (GLEs: 4, 9, 10, 24)

Materials List: white board or chart: an envelope with coins in it; a raw egg; construction paper; clear plastic wrap; a variety of objects that are opaque, translucent, or transparent; flashlight; Just Passing Through BLM

Most objects can be classified as opaque (no light passes through), translucent (some light passes through), or transparent (all light passes through).

Demonstration Lesson:

Write the words opaque, translucent, and transparent on the white board or on a chart. Discuss the meaning of each word as it relates to light. Have students predict what category the object you are going to shine the flashlight on will fit into. After demonstrating with each object, have students discuss why they think an object fits into a particular category. Hint: Press the flashlight onto the objects.

Object 1 - plastic wrap (transparent)

Object 2 - envelope with coins (translucent)

Object 3 - construction paper

Object 4 raw egg 

Investigation Task: Divide students into groups. Provide a variety of objects and materials (e.g., white paper, colored paper, a book, sheer material, plastic wrap, waxed paper) and a flashlight. Students will make predictions as to whether or not the light will pass through the object and justify their reasoning to their partners. Using the Just Passing Through BLM provided, students will record their predictions and findings.    

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