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Activity 9: Using Energy (GLEs: 10, 13, 26)

Through a group discussion develop the understanding that energy is the ability to do work. Brainstorm a list of types of energy the students encounter at home, school and play such as electrical energy, light energy, solar energy, mechanical (e.g., muscle) energy, and chemical (e.g., fuel) energy.  Facilitate in students designing a graphic organizer that will show energy being used at home, school, or play and what category of energy is being used. For example:

Work Being Done

Type of Energy Used

Turning on a light

Electrical and mechanical energy

Climbing the monkey bars

Mechanical (muscle) energy

Light (glow) stick

Chemical and light energy

Students could also design, present, and display posters that demonstrate one source of energy. To assure a clear understanding of what is meant by a source of energy, generate a class list of possible sources of energy (e g. solar, electrical, fossil fuels). Have students discuss how the scientific discoveries about different types of energy and inventions that use energy affected society. Scientific discoveries use all types of energy. Ask students what is the most important type of energy. Students should understand that one type of energy is no more important than another. Is one type of energy better than another? Why? (cost, cleanliness, availability)?

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