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Activity 4:  The Food Chain (GLEs: 1, 2, 6, 9, 45, 46, 47)

Material List: Internet access, resource materials on the food chain, paper, crayons or markers, science learning logs

Teacher Note: This activity may take several days to complete.

Define and discuss ecosystems. Facilitate a discussion in which students develop an understanding of the relationship between living things and their physical environment. Discuss how energy is vital for the survival of all animals and plants. View the LPB Cyberchannel video clip entitled You and the Food Web or other food chain resource. 

Investigation Task:  After viewing and discussing the video or other resource material, have students work in groups to “role play” a food chain. Identify the Sun as the primary energy source in any food chain (e.g., plants get their energy from the Sun, animals eat plants, etc.). The student groups will research the food chain for different animals. Locate resources such as library books, wildlife magazines, or websites such as www.enchantedlearning.com/biomes for the students to use for their research.  Once the food chain has been determined, have student groups illustrate each segment using paper, crayons, or markers. When the illustrations have been completed, have each group share their “chain.”  Students can add sound effects or motions for each chain segment to add creativity to the role playing of the food chain for each of the animals. Review with the students the fact that all animals need food. Most living things eventually become food for other animals or become food for bacteria and fungi when they die and rot.

If time permits the students can use personal illustrations, magazines, or cut-out pictures to construct a food chain in their science learning logs (view literacy strategy descriptions). Use arrows to connect the segments of the food chain, making sure that the arrows point to the organism that is receiving (eating) the food.

Upon completing the unit, science learning logs will be assessed using the Science Learning Log Rubric BLM.

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