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Activity 5:  Local Community (GLEs:  10, 46, 47)

Materials List: newsprint or chart paper, library books, biographies, autobiographies 

Discuss with students where historical information about the local community can be found.  Tell the students that they will be examining what the local community was like long ago.  Lead the class through an examination of their local community over time using historical resources.  Help students to understand there are many ways to explore the history of the  local community.

  • Start with the library - Look for local history books and stories.
  • Contact a historical society - Ask about community history.
  • Find local Historians – Find people who are authorities on local history, who study it, and write about it.
  • Look for memorials and historical markers - Find dates, names, and events on them.
  • Talk with older citizens - Invite older members of the community to the class to talk about what their life and the town were like when they were seven. Have them discuss with students the following topics – food, clothing, shelter, music, games, and transportation. 
  • Check for simple biographies and autobiographies on or by members of the local community in the past or present.

As a group, create a series of charts from information read aloud to the class, material read silently by the students, visuals shown to the class, and information learned from classroom visits made by the historian and older citizens.

Have students create a series of charts from newsprint, using one of the following topic headings for each chart:

  • Food, Clothing, and Shelter

  • Music and Games

  • Transportation

Focus class discussions on one topic at a time (e.g., as students answer questions about shelter, the teacher writes their responses on the chart). (Other communities could be studied; e.g., American Indians, French, Spanish, Cajun)

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