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Activity 10: Working in Our Community (GLEs: 7, 10, 14)

Materials List: variety of books from the “I want to be….. series”, chart paper

Before doing this activity have on hand a number of books from the “I want to be….. series” (I want to be a teacher by Dan Liebman, I want to be a doctor by Liza Alexander, I want to be a firefighter by Stephanie Maze, I want to be a librarian  by Dan Liebman, I want to be a nurse by Dan Liebman, I want to be a police officer by Liza Alexander,  I want to be a vet by Dan Liebman, or I want to be a mechanic by Dan Liebman). 

Tell students something about the books before they are read.  State the following SQPL (view literacy strategy descriptions) prompt: There are many jobs in the communityWrite it on the chalkboard or a piece of chart paper while saying it.  Next, ask students to turn to a partner and think of one good question they have about the books based on the statement:   There are many jobs in the community.  As students respond, write their questions on chart paper or on the board.  A question that is asked more than once should be marked with a smiley face to signify that it is an important question.  When students finish asking questions, the teacher should contribute questions to the list.  Read one or more of the I want to be books with the students.  Discuss and answer all the questions on the chart or board with the students.  Then allow students time to read, share, and discuss the books in small groups.  Have students make a list of different jobs that are available in the local community.

Take the students to the school media center and have them choose one job from the list and find information about that job.  Discuss with students the ones that are the most common in the community.  Invite people from the community to the class to share their jobs with the students. Divide the class into cooperative learning groups, giving each group the responsibility of making a list of jobs that people in their locality perform.  Compile the list together on a chart entitled “Jobs in The Community”.

Discuss with students the reasons why certain jobs are offered in the community and others are not.  (This would be a good opportunity to discuss the physical characteristics of the community and how they have changed over time.)  Discuss with students that the availability of jobs and the loss of jobs due to scarcity of resources affect where and how people live. 

Have students choose one job off the list.  Instruct students to write a description of the job they chose and to draw pictures to include in their descriptions. Completed works should be shared with the class and displayed in the classroom.

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