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Activity 11: Conducting a Demographic Study (GLEs: 5, 13)

Materials List: Class Survey BLM

Have students do a simple demographic study of the classroom. Include within it such things as the number of boys and girls, the number of students riding the same bus, the number of students with blue or brown eyes, etc.  Have students create simple bar graphs to show different class demographics. 

 Then have students expand this activity by doing a demographic study of the school population, including such things as the number of students in the school, the number of students in each grade level, the number of boys and girls, different ethnic groups, etc. 

Allow students the opportunity and time to collect data.  Put students into groups and have them collect data from one class within the school or on one demographic topic (e.g., one group can do the number of boys and girls in the school). Students should survey each class using a chart.  (See Class Survey BLM)   When all data has been collected, have students create bar graphs to share information found.

Finally, if possible, have the students do a simple demographic study of the local community. Here they could include such things as the total population of the community, the number of banks present, different ethnic groups, etc.  Put students in groups and have them find simple demographics like number of banks or businesses in the community in the local telephone directory yellow pages.  Then help students find simple demographics about the community using Internet resources.  Have students compile all information found on a chart or poster to share with the class. 

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