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Activity 12: Depending on the Environment (GLEs:  7, 15, 37)

Materials List: chart paper

Ask students “What does it mean to depend on the environment?”  Allow students time to brainstorm (view literacy strategy descriptions) ideas with a partner.  Have students share ideas as the teacher writes them on the board or chart paper.  Then lead the class through an investigation of how community residents depend on the physical environment to satisfy basic needs.  Discussion should focus on how land and water resources in the community are used and the role of weather, land, and water resources in food production.

Create wall charts, using one of the following headings for each:

  • Basic Needs of Community Residents

  • Using the Environment to Meet Basic Needs

  • Effects of the Weather on Cultivating Crops

  • Using Land and Water Resources

Provide information for the charts from material read aloud to the class, material read silently by the students, pictures shown to the class, and/or local community Web sites. When students have completed charts, discuss how location, weather, and the physical environment affect where and how people live.

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