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Activity 13:  Living with the Land (GLEs: 3, 7, 15)

Materials List: outline map of Louisiana, Internet, books, magazines, and poster board

Have students use cardinal directions to locate their local region on an outline map of Louisiana. Guide them in conducting an investigation about the physical environment in their region utilizing the Internet, books, magazines, or the school media center. Have students describe how the physical environment affects where and how people live. Ask them to create a poster and write a caption about the region. Their poster should include an illustration of the physical environment and a caption explaining ways in which local residents use the environment to meet their basic needs.

Tell students sometimes our environment is changed.  Have them name things that would change the environment (e.g., people, floods, hurricanes, etc.).  Discuss reasons why people sometimes modify their environment, such as clearing trees to build houses or for farming the land.  Also discuss harmful ways people change the environment (pollution).  Then discuss other things that can be done to modify or change the environment (building of roads and levees, etc.) 

Discuss how sometimes people have to adapt to changes in the environment and ways people can protect their environment from harmful changes.

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