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Activity 2: Is it a Map? (GLEs: 1, 2)

Materials List: Louisiana wall map, Louisiana desk maps (optional), Diagrams BLM

Show students a map of Louisiana and have them look for and name things found on the map.  Make a list on the board of the characteristics of all maps (e.g., A map has….).  If desk maps are available put students in pairs and have them complete this part of the activity.  When students have an understanding of maps, write the word diagram on the board.  Have students tell what they think a diagram is.  Show students a Venn diagram, and a flow chart. (See Diagrams BLM.)  Compare diagrams to maps.  Ask the students how the Venn diagram and flow chart are different from a map and what they could be used for.  Help students to understand that a diagram is another way of getting and organizing information about a concept.

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