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Activity 3:  Comparing Maps and Globes (GLEs: 2, 3, 8)

Materials List: wall map of the world, globe, Venn Diagram BLM

Show the students a map of the world and a globe. Discuss the purpose of maps and globes. Put students into small groups and have them compare a map to a globe using a Venn diagram graphic organizer, (view literacy strategy descriptions).  Graphic organizers are visual illustrations of verbal statements.  They show at a glance the key parts of the whole and their relations.  Give each group a copy of the Venn Diagram BLM and have them compare a map to a globe.  (See BLM.)  Give students time to share their comparisons with the class. 

Help students understand that maps and globes help them find places.  Review with students cardinal directions and how they are used to help locate places on maps and globes.  Introduce the term equator.  Have students locate the equator on both the world map and the globe.  Use cardinal directions to locate continents and oceans north and south of the equator.  Help students to understand that a continent is a mass of land found on Earth and that most of the Earth is covered with water. A variety of songs can be found on the Internet to reinforce this concept.  (See http://teachers.net/gazette/DEC02/continents.html.) The following is one example:










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