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Activity 4: Landforms Around the World (GLE: 8)

Materials List: pictures of landforms, Landforms Around the World BLM

Display the term landform.  Discuss with the students the meaning of the word. Explain to students that there are several types of landforms located around the world. Each landform has unique characteristics.  Have students complete a self-assessment of their knowledge of landforms around the world by completing a vocabulary self-awareness chart. (view literacy strategy descriptions)  (See Landforms Around the World BLM)  Do not give students definitions or examples at this stage.  Ask students to rate their understanding of each word with either a “+” (understands well), “√” (limited understanding or unsure), or a “-” (don’t know).  Throughout the activity students should be told to return often to the chart and add new information to it.  The goal is to replace all the check marks and minus signs with plus signs.  Because students continually revisit their vocabulary charts to revise their entries, they have multiple opportunities to practice and extend their growing understanding of key terms related to the topic of landforms.

Provide students with books about each landform discussed.  Show students a variety of pictures of landforms found on Earth. Help students to identify those landforms found in their local community, state, and different regions of the United States.

Have students list all landforms that they have had experience with. Have students choose one landform from their list and create a model of it. Student models can be done at school or home.  Give students an opportunity to share their models with the class when completed.

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