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Activity 5:  Mapping Fiction and Real Life (GLEs: 3, 4)

Materials List: Louisiana literature (e.g., Cajun Gingerbread Boy, Clovis Crawfish, etc.), Louisiana Landforms Map BLM

Give each student the Louisiana Landforms Map BLM that includes a title, directional indicators, a scale, and a map key.  Have students draw symbols on the map key to represent the different landforms.  Then read books with settings that take place in Louisiana (e.g., Clovis Crawfish, Cajun Gingerbread Boy, etc.).  Have students recall the setting from the story and create symbols representing different geographical features mentioned in the story. Then have them place their symbols on the outline map in the appropriate locations to show various geographical features of Louisiana. As the symbols are placed on the map, remind students that the:

  • title tells what the map is about

  • directional indicator, or compass rose, indicates North, South, East, and West

  • legend contains the map key and scale.


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