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Activity 6:  Climate and Vegetation (GLEs: 11, 15, 37)

Materials List: Regions of the United States BLM, Internet (optional),

Introduce the term climate.  Help students understand that climate deals with weather conditions in different areas over time.  Give students a copy of the Regions of the United States BLM.   Explain to students that the climate in each region of the United States is different. Use the library or Internet resources to find the climate for each different region. 

Help students understand that climate has an effect on the vegetation that grows in different regions.  Discuss with students different agricultural products that grow in Louisiana. As an extension, invite an agricultural expert to the class to share information about Louisiana vegetation.

Have students identify and list vegetation found in the local community. Ask them to brainstorm (view literacy strategy descriptions) what happens to the vegetation as the climate changes.  This provides an opportunity to discuss the change of seasons and the differences between the definitions of weather, climate, and seasons.  Have students construct a chart and list the vegetation that changes with climate and that which does not.

Discuss with students the role of weather in the production of food and how people in the community depend on the physical environment to satisfy their basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. 

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