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Activity 9:  Community Model (GLE: 12)

Materials List: construction paper, blocks, small boxes, pictures of communities around Louisiana

Discuss with students how land in a community may be used for different things.  Land use can be commercial (stores, hotels, restaurants), industrial (factories, companies), or residential (homes, apartments). Tell students that together they will be looking at patterns of land use in the community.  

Help students create a model of the community. Have them choose what to include in their model. Incorporate physical and human features (e.g., buildings, forests, parks, etc). Use paper, blocks, small boxes, and other suitable materials to represent types of settlements and patterns of land use. Include such items as a library, bank, grocery store, gas station, etc., within the model community.  When the model is complete, discuss with students how most of the land in their community was used.  Compare different communities from around Louisiana.  Provide students with pictures of different communities (urban and rural) and discuss patterns of land use. 

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