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Activity 1: Making Laws (GLE 16)

Materials List: Making a Law, large piece of chart paper                          

Show students the book Making a Law by Sarah deCapua.  Before reading the book, have students generate questions they have about the topic based on an SQPL prompt. (view literacy strategy descriptions)  State the following:  “Laws are made to protect people”Write it on the chalkboard or on a piece of chart paper when saying it.  Next, ask students to turn to a partner and think of one good question they have about the book based on the statement, “Laws are made to protect people”.  As students respond, write their questions on chart paper or the board.  Questions that are asked more than once should be marked with a smiley face to signify that they are important questions.  When students finish asking questions, the teacher should contribute additional questions to the list. Tell students to listen carefully for the answers to their questions as the book is read aloud.  After reading the book, discuss with students how local, state and federal laws are made and what citizens can do to participate in the lawmaking process.  Help students identify persons responsible for making and enforcing laws.  Pause periodically to have students check which of their SQPL questions have been answered and to briefly discuss the answers.  When the reading aloud concludes, ask students to return to the list of SPQL questions and check which ones may still need to be answered.  Use the book or personal knowledge to supply answers.

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