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Activity 3: Local Government (GLEs: 17, 18, 19)

Materials List: Word Grid BLM

Discuss with students that government officials are the leaders of the local community, state, and nation.  Have students imagine what it would be like if no one were in charge at school. Imagine if there were no rules or laws anywhere.  Have students reflect in their journals what it would be like to live in a world without government leaders.  Then discuss with students the necessity of local government and how it helps meet the basic needs of society.

Use a word grid (view literacy strategy descriptions) similar to the sample one below, to help students identify government officials.  Have students place an (x) in the box under each column where each key government official may be found.  (See the Word Grid BLM.) 

Key Government Officials

Local (City/ Parish)















After completing the word grid, have students use it to identify local government officials.  Discuss with students the major responsibilities of local government, their powers, and limits on their powers.  Ask students “What kinds of things do local government officials do?”  Invite local government officials (e.g., mayor) to the class to discuss their responsibilities in the community.  Have students prepare questions that they would like to ask ahead of time.  Help students understand the responsibilities of locally-elected people by focusing on issues that are meaningful to students (e.g., local park playground equipment, paving roads, planting trees). 

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