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Activity 5: You Be the Judge (GLEs: 18, 19)

Materials List: photographs of community leaders

Show students photographs or pictures of community leaders.  Help students identify key leaders and discuss where they have seen them and what their jobs are in the community.  Lead students in a discussion on what these leaders do for the community.  Help students understand that each government leader plays a different role in the community, and has different responsibilities and limitations.  Help students understand that these people are responsible for making laws, enforcing laws, and determining if the laws have been violated.  Ask students what it would be like to be the mayor, governor, judge, police officer, etc.  Then have the students role play different government leaders. 

Have students recall the story of The Three Bears and list things Goldilocks did in the story that violated the laws of the community.  Do a mock trial where students put Goldilocks on trial. Briefly explain the jobs of the judge, jury, defender, and prosecutor before students begin. Put students into small groups to role-play community leaders and how they would deal with Goldilocks.  Have them decide whether they think she broke any laws.  Students may share their decisions and what consequences, if any, should follow if she is convicted of breaking laws. Students may also role play another mock trial in The Big Bad Wolf vs. Curly Pig. 

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