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Activity 9: The Local Executive’s Chair (GLEs: 18, 19, 20)

Materials List: poster paper, newspaper clippings about the city mayor or parish leader 

The teacher should talk briefly with the students about what they think are the major responsibilities of a city mayor or parish president.  If possible, have newspaper clippings showing the local leader in action.  Then discuss with students how the mayor or parish president got his or her job.  Help students understand that to be a local executive leader a person has to be elected. 

Have students pretend they are running for mayor of their town.  Share with students various information that might be included in campaignsAsk students to construct a candidacy poster that illustrates three things they promise to do for their community if they are elected.  Set up a chair in front of the room and have students share their campaign promises with the class. 

Have a class election to elect a mayor for the class.  Together with students, make a list of responsibilities that the classroom mayor will have to perform.  Go through the electoral process with students to choose their mayor.  A new mayor of the class may be elected once a month.  Review the electoral process each time a new class mayor is elected

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