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Activity 3: Responsible Citizens (GLEs: 22, 24. 25, 26, 28)

Materials List: Venn diagram, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, chart paper, poster paper

Discuss ways in which the class is like a family.  Explore similarities between a family and a school.   Compare family rules to classroom rules using a Venn diagram graphic organizer (view literacy strategy descriptions).  Then read the book The Boy Who Cried Wolf to the students.  Guide students to understand that actions have consequences.  Discuss with students what the consequences of the boy’s actions were.  Have a discussion about classroom responsibility. Discuss what the students’ and teacher’s responsibilities are in the classroom. Make a chart of these responsibilities on the board.  Discuss the consequences of being irresponsible and the rewards for being responsible.  Discuss with students how together they comprise a classroom community.  Put students with a partner and have them list examples of responsible citizenship in the classroom.  Then share student responses. Create a poster showing ways students can be responsible citizens in the classroom.  Hang the poster on the wall and refer to it throughout the year to reinforce the concept of citizenship. 

Discuss with students the role of a responsible citizen in a community.  Help students make a list of things responsible citizens do to help their community.  Explain that by voting and getting involved in the community, citizens can help leaders solve problems.  Have students think of a problem that could arise in their community and how citizens could help leaders solve this problem.  Discuss ways individuals or groups may take to improve their community. 

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