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Activity 7: Being a Good Citizen in the Classroom (GLEs: 23, 25)

Materials List: chart paper, video showing fair play and good sportsmanship (optional)  

Review with students the term community citizen.  Discuss with the students the concepts of fair play, good sportsmanship, showing respect for the opinions of others, and respect for rules.  Chart student responses on the board or on chart paper using a chart similar to the one below. 

  Fair Play    Good Sportsmanship    Respect

What does fair play mean?

What does good sportsmanship mean?

What does respect mean?

How do you show fair play?

How do you show good sportsmanship?

How do you show respect for others?



Next, the teacher should introduce the concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship by watching a video or listening to a story.  After watching/listening, hold a discussion with the class about what was being depicted in the video or story.  Help guide the discussion by asking such questions as, “What were some ways that fair play and good sportsmanship were shown in the video/story?”  The teacher should record students’ responses on chart paper or on a chalkboard.  Have students draw a scene from the story they saw/heard and write (or dictate) a sentence explaining the drawing. If necessary, have students rewrite it for display. Display the students’ annotated illustrations in the classroom (e.g., on a bulletin board entitled “Cooperation”).  Have the students play a familiar outdoor game (e.g., kick ball). Before playing the game, review the concept of fair play and good sportsmanship. Write the students’ comments on chart paper listing behaviors that are appropriate or inappropriate (e.g., taking turns kicking the ball is fair play; cutting in line to kick the ball would be unfair play). After the chart is complete, have students practice and apply this knowledge to what they learned by playing the game. 


Repeat the above activity with the concepts of “respect for the rights and opinions of others” and “respect for rules.”  These concepts should be reinforced and practiced throughout the year.

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