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Activity 9:  Rules and Responsibilities in Fiction and Real Life (GLEs: 21, 22, 26, 28)

Materials List: Officer Buckle and Gloria, Island of the Skog, Yertle the Turtle, Horton Hatches the Egg, or Roxaboxen

Students should begin to make the transition from following classroom rules to observing community rules or laws.

Read selections of fiction such as Officer Buckle and Gloria, Island of the Skog, Yertle the Turtle, Horton Hatches the Egg, and Roxaboxen. Ask students to share how the characters in the readings were responsible citizens and followed rules.  Have students create a chart comparing characters in the readings to members of the local community.  Allow them to role-play good citizenship from the readings and dictate or write about their experiences as community members. 

Then invite community members to the class to speak about leadership qualities and their contributions to the community.  Have the class make a bulletin board display with pictures of community members who demonstrate good citizenship. 

Next, conduct a discussion about ways citizens can help community leaders solve problems.  Generate a list of problems facing the community. Engage students in a discussion on ways to help solve the community’s problems. Have students write letters to parish and state leaders stating how they can help to solve the problems. Ask each student to read his or her letter to the class before sending the letters to the proper authorities. (Encourage students to share any replies to their letters.)  Invite a community leader to speak to the class about problems and issues facing the community, and have him or her suggest ways that citizens can help solve those problems.

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