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Fall - October
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Cinquain (Samples) Acrostic (Samples) Blank Leaf (1)  (2)
Leaf - Cinquain Leaf - Acrostic Blank Pumpkin
Pumpkin - Cinquain Pumpkin - Acrostic Blank Scarecrow
Cornucopia - Cinquain Fall Writing Fall Crafts
Poet  Tree    

Halloween - October

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Cinquain (Samples) Acrostic (Samples) Blank Ghost (1)  (2)
Ghost - Cinquain Ghost - Acrostic Blank Bat
Haunted House - Cinquain Haunted House - Acrostic Lined Haunted House
Kid's Turn Halloween Crafts Halloween Crafts Halloween Writing

Winter - December
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Diamante (Samples) Name Poem Haiku  (Samples)
Snowman - Diamante Acrostic Name Poem Snowman - Haiku
Coat - Diamante Winter Name Poem Coat - Haiku
Diamante Brainstorm Winter Name Poem Sample Winter Writing 
Blank Coat Blank Snowman (1) (2) Winter Art
Winter Fun Winter Celebrations Winter Crafts  
Christmas - December
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Diamante (Samples) Name Poem Haiku  (Samples)
Ornament - Diamante Acrostic Name Poem Stocking - Haiku
Santa - Diamante Christmas - Name Poem  Santa - Haiku
Blank Santa Hat Blank Stocking Blank Ornament
Christmas Writing Christmas Activities  
President's Day - February
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Quatrain (Samples) Bio/Character (Samples) Phrase (Samples)
Flag -Quatrain/Phrase Washington -Character Blank Abe Hat
Lincoln Hat - Quatrain/Phrase Lincoln - Character Blank Flag
Presidents Day Crafts    
Groundhog Day - February
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Quatrain (Samples) Bio/Character (Samples) Phrase (Samples)
Sun - Phrase Sun - Blank Clouds - Blank
Groundhog Writing  Groundhog - Character Clouds - Phrase
The Legend of the Groundhog Character- Sample Groundhog's Day Crafts
Groundhog's Day Theme    
Valentine's Day - February
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Quatrain (Samples) Bio/Character (Samples) Phrase (Samples)
Valentine - Quatrain Valentine - Bio Heart - Blank
Valentine Writing Valentine's Around the World Valentine's Day Activities
Valentine's Crafts    
Spring - April
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Bio/Character (Samples) Shape/Concrete (Samples) Pyramid  (Samples)
Spring Character Clouds - Blank Bee - Pyramid
Spring Writing Bird - Blank  Bird - Pyramid
Bio Sample Sun - Blank Sun - Pyramid
Fairy - Pyramid Flower - Blank Flower - Pyramid
Poetry Project Ladybug - Blank Ladybug - Pyramid
Spring Activities Spring Arts and Crafts  
Easter - April
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Bio/Character (Samples) Shape/Concrete (Samples) Pyramid  (Samples)
Easter Bio/Character Egg Lined Bunny - Pyramid
Easter Bio/Character Sample Bunny Blank Egg Blank
Easter Dress - Bio Easter Dress Blank Tux Blank
Easter Crafts Easter Activities  
Additional Resources
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Kathi Mitchell Ms. McGowan Cathy Chavez
Poem Types 51 Types of Poetry Get Kids to Love Poetry
An Apple A Day Types of Poems Samples of Poetry
5 W Techniques Poetry Pages ETTC Web
Shape Poems Acrostic Poems Diamante Poems
Bio Poem Elocution Rubric Shadow Poetry - Resources
Poet's Page - Seasonal Poetry Class - Lessons Poetry with Pizzazz
Poetry 4 Kids    


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