3rd Grade Vermilion Parish
Social Studies Comprehensive Curriculum

Raising the Bar

3rd Grade iLEAP Social Studies Practice
Practice Questions Louisiana State Department
Assessment Guide Question
Interactive Quizzes Vermilion Parish Testing Links
Louisiana Jeopardy iLEAP Assessment
 PowerPoint and Quizzes
Online Interactive 3rd Grade Testing Links
Additional 3rd Grade
Social Studies Resources
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Practice Questions
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iLEAP Practice Questions Set 1 2007 PPT iLEAP Practice Questions Set 2 2007 PPT
iLEAP Practice Questions Set 3 2007 PPT iLEAP Practice Questions Set 4 2007 PPT
iLEAP Practice Questions Set 5 2007 PPT iLEAP Practice Questions Set 6 2007 PPT
iLEAP Practice Questions Set 7 2007 PPT  
Interactive Quiz
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Louisiana Government - Parishes Plantations
Various Questions About Louisiana  
Louisiana Jeopardy
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Laws and Rules, Government, Citizen, Leaders Festivals, Music, Food, People
Landmarks, Symbols, Living Symbols, Resources  
Online Interactive
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State Department Assessment Guide
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Online Interactive Quiz - Each time the quiz is
opened 10 different questions are asked.
Assessment Review - Questions are
from the State Department
Additional Resources
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3rd Grade Social Studies Units 1-7 Comprehensive Curriculum Guides
3rd Grade Social Studies Louisiana Interactive 3rd Grade (Interactive and PowerPoint for the 2008 Comprehensive Curriculum)
Louisiana for Kids Site!
(Vermilion Parish Schools)
Louisiana Lagniappe for Students

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