3rd Grade Vermilion Parish Social Studies Comprehensive Curriculum Site Unit 4


Raising the Bar

Louisiana Social Studies Units (PowerPoints, Links, Activities included)
Activity 1: Law and Rules Activity 2: The Difference Between Laws and Rules
Activity 3: Laws and Rules Activity 4: The Branches of State Government
Activity 5: Responsibilities of State Government Activity 6: Good Citizen Award
Activity 7: A Good Citizen Activity 8: Civic Responsibilities
Activity 9: More About Civic Responsibilities Activity 10: Election K-W-L
Activity 11: Power and Limitation  
Additional Resources
3rd Grade Unit 3 3rd Grade Unit 5
3rd Grade Social Studies Units 1-7 Comprehensive Curriculum Guides
3rd Grade Social Studies Louisiana Interactives 3rd Grade (Interactives and PowerPoints for the 2008 Comprehensive Curriculum)

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