Grade 3 Comprehensive Curriculum Links Unit 5

Louisiana Studies

Activity 7: Supply and Demand for Bottled Water

Activity 7: Supply and Demand for Bottled Water (GLEs:  42, 43)

 Materials List: Supply and Demand BLM, chart paper (optional)

 Begin by writing the words supply and demand on the board or chart paper. Tell students that they have 100 bottles of water to sell. This is called the supply. Explain that the supply is the goods and services offered by businesses. Ask the students how many of them need a bottle of water. Count the number of students who respond. Write this number on the board or chart paper. This is called demand. Explain that the demand is created by the wants and needs of the consumer. Write the following on the board or chart paper:

                 Supply                                         Demand

  100 bottles of water                    Number of students
                                                              who need water

 Ask students which is greater, the supply or the demand. Next, explain that you would offer fewer bottles of water because demand is less than the supply. Then explain that supply and demand also determines the price of a product or a service. Provide students with a blank copy of the Supply and Demand BLM to use during the class discussion. (See this BLM.)

 Discuss each scenario with students and allow them time to complete the chart as they go along. Then summarize by reminding students that demand is what consumers want to buy and supply is how much there is to sell.


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