Louisiana "History and It's People"

Louisiana Riches and Louisiana’s Economy
Vocabulary 5 Unit 5  Vocabulary Match Vocabulary 7
Unit 7 Vocabulary Match Supply and Demand PowerPoint Template LA Goods/Services PowerPoint
Interdependence PowerPoint Template Economic Needs and Wants PowerPoint Template Scarcity PowerPoint Template for Kids to Complete
Free Enterprise PowerPoint  Tabasco PowerPoint Ag University for Kids (Read about Louisiana Resource)
Steen's Syrup PowerPoint Steen's Syrup Story and Quiz 1 Steen's Syrup Story and Quiz 2
Steen Syrup From Production to the Store (Sequence with story) Steen Syrup From Production to the Store (Sequence without a story) Complete a Steen's Syrup Flow Chart
Compare and Contrast Steen's Past and Present Way of Production #2 Cashing in Cajun Country
Tabasco Story and Quiz 1 Tabasco Story and Quiz 2 Show Steps in Making Tabasco
Louisiana Oil Story & Questions 1 Louisiana Oil Story & Questions 2 Louisiana Oil Story & Questions 3
Louisiana Agriculture Story & Quiz 1 Louisiana Agriculture & Story Quiz 2 Louisiana Agriculture & Story Quiz 3
Louisiana Activity - Scarce or not? Louisiana Activity - Scarce or not? Quiz 2 Hurricanes and Scarcity 1
Hurricanes and Scarcity 2  
General Economics Interactives

Productive Resources

Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand Quiz

 Wants and Needs

Reading Economic Tables

My Cotton Dress

Economic Wants of a Pet

Let's Travel in Time with Supply and Demand

No Extra Room on the Mayflower-Virtual Suitcase Interactive (Scarcity) Scarcity's Story Goods and Producing

The Little Red Hen (story) and Red Hen Activity

PBS How Things Are Produced Build Your Community
Dog Gone Job

Goods and Services

Consumers Interactive

Simple Simon Met a Producer

Producers Interactive

Communities-What they provide for us

The Story of Milk (Virtual Field Trip)

"The Perfect Pet" Online Story - Perfect Pet Activity

Providing Goods and Services

Health Wants VS. Fun Wants Mystery Workers Link

Matching Classroom Goods

Matching Producer Activity

How Crayons are Made Link

Yellow Page Interactive

3 Little Pigs Online Story and Cost Benefit Activity for 3 Little Pigs Story

Where to keep your money?

A Trip to the Bank!

Curiosity Shop (Goods) What Other People What to Be Delivering the Goods
Adventures with Dollar Bill Adventures with Interest Ray Money Central
Many Money Interactives Who Gets More Than Their Share? Bucky's Build a Buck
Piggybanking Welcome to the Market Economics
Basic Needs Interactive 4-H Virtual Farms Virginia 4-H Program in California
Bartering Link Map Trading Bananas and Wheat
Vermilion Parish Interactive Resources
Interactive Graphic Organizers 18 Literacy Strategies Interactives  
More Interactive Resources
ReadWriteThink: Bio-Cube ReadWriteThink Essay Map Cause and Effect
My Writing Space Read Write Think Letter Generator Let's Write a Letter (Friendly or Business)
ReadWriteThink Postcard Generator BBC - Words and Pictures - Write a Postcard Read Write Think Flip Book
Read Write Think Printing Press Read Write Think Note Taker

Occupation and Service Products Interactive Map
 Just for Fun Activities
Andy and Tony's Quiz Alligator Bayou Wordscramble Cajun Pride

Bird Identification

Animal Identification

Creole Nature Trail
Children's Musuem

Circle the Globe with Agriculture

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