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Activity 8: The Louisiana and United States Constitutions (GLE: 28)

Materials List: copy of the U.S. Constitution, copy of the Louisiana Constitution, Comparing Constitutions Venn Diagram BLM 

Provide each student with a copy of the U.S. Constitution.    Have one-third of the students review the U.S. Constitution to look for particular provisions that empower the federal government. Have another third look for limitations on the federal government, including separation of powers, shared powers, checks and balances, and the Bill of Rights. Have the remaining third look for rights of the individual that are stated specifically, both in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights.

Using the same groups, have students review the Louisiana Constitution.  Have each group create a Venn diagram graphic organizer (view literacy strategy descriptions) comparing the U.S. and Louisiana constitutions. Refer to the Comparing Constitutions Venn Diagram BLM. 

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