5th Grade Social Studies Unit 6

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Louisiana Social Studies Activities
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Activity 1:  Landforms and Settlement

Activity 2:  Landforms and Settlement

Activity 3:  This Land is Your Land

Activity 4:  Plymouth, Jamestown, and Massachusetts Bay Colony

Activity 5:  Regions, Products, and Trade in the Colonies

Activity 6:  Regions, Products, and Trade in the Colonies

Activity 7:  Regions, Products, and Trade in the Colonies Activity 8:  Natural Resources and Colonial Life
Activity 9:  Time and Historical Events Activity 10:  English Influence in the Colonies

Activity 11: Colonistsí Attitudes toward British Rule

Activity 12:  French and Indian War

Activity 13:  Footprints in American History

Activity 14:  European Impact
Additional Resources
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5th Grade Social Studies Assessment Guide PowerPoint
Blackline Masters 2008 CC Unit Document


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