5th Grade Folktales, Tall Tales, and Legends

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Folktales for 4U Chinese Folktales American Folktales
Animal Myths and Legends Legends of the Ute Tribe American Folklore
Myths, Legends & Fables Folk Legends from Japan American Tall Tales
42 eXplore - Tall Tales Ancient Egyptian Tall Tales Myths and Legends
Casey Jones Paul Bunyan Legends Pecos Bill Video
Story of Casey Jones - YouTube Paul Bunyan Pecos Bill Legends
Casey Jones Lyrics Paul Bunyan Video 1   2 Johnny Appleseed
Blackbeard's Ghost Davy Crocket The Tooth Fairy
Story of Two Fishermen The Cherry Tree Legend of the Trojan War

Louisiana Legends, Folktales, Tall Tales, and Myths

The Loup Garou Louisiana Folklore Snapping Turtle Tall Tale
Story of Loup Garou LSU Urban Legends Bayou Banshee
Legend of Onionhead Legends from Louisiana Louisiana Folktales
Louisiana Folktale Collections    

Additional Resources

Myths V/S Legends Teacher Guide Legend of Sleepy Hollow Lesson Plans Education World
Myths Legends and Folktales - Scholastic    


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