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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Assignment: You will look at the vocabulary words and write a definition in your own words, then you will type a sentence for that word. You will also need to type a synonym and antonym for the word.  Last, you will need to type some words or ideas that comes to your mind when you think of that word. Then submit and print.

Type word and definition below
 (Write in your own words)

(Write a sentence for the word)

Vocabulary Words for this week are listed below.


to make weak or helpless


sad or pitiful because of being alone or neglected


rose and fell alternately at the front and back of a ship or boat


more self-admiring, proud and conceited than someone else


stuffed oneself with food


an edible shellfish having a flat shell lined with mother-of-pearl


the den of wild animals

Type vocabulary word
Type an antonym
Type a synonym

Brainstorm some topics or words you think of when you see or hear this word.

NOTE: Work cannot be saved!   Now click the submit button below to print the final project.


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