5th Grade Science Unit 6

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Louisiana Science Activities
(PowerPoints, Links, and Activities included)
Activity 1:  Soil Activity 2:  Rocks and Minerals

Activity 3:  Gifts from the Earth: How
Rocks and Minerals are used by People

Activity 4:  Landform Changes: Good or Bad?
Activity 5:  Types of Erosion Activity 6:  Weathering and Fossil Preservation
Activity 7: The Evidence Speaks for Itself: Finding Examples of Weathering and Erosion from Long Ago Activity 8:  Modeling Destructive and
Constructive Forces in Nature
Activity 9:  Atmosphere and Hydrosphere Activity 10:  Atmospheric Comparisons
Activity 11: Water, Water Everywhere, But How Much to Drink?
Additional Resources
5th Grade Science Corner Quick Tip Science Resource
2008 CC Unit Document Blackline Masters
Technology eHomework Science Interactives (2009)


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