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Unit 4: The Classical World (1000 B.C. – A.D. 300)

(PowerPoints, Links, and Activities Included)

Activity 1: What is a “classical” civilization?

Activity 2: The Development of Greek City-States

Activity 3: The Legacy of the Greeks: Democracy, Philosophy, Literature, Architecture, and the Olympics

Activity 4:  The Age of Pericles and the Death of Socrates

Activity 5:  The Greek Alphabet

Activity 6:  The Persians

Activity 7:  Alexander the Great Activity 8:  The Persian, Peloponnesian, and Punic Wars
Activity 9:  Welcome to Ancient Rome

Activity 10:  Greek and Roman Government

Activity 11:  Classical China

Activity 12:  The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Activity 13:  A Conversation with the Ancients


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