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Activity 7: Alexander the Great (GLE: 36)

Materials List:  video or audio recording equipment (if available)

Teachers will present information on Alexander the Great. A very good teacher resource is the video, In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great, by PBS (Public Broadcast Systems).

Direct students to work in small groups and select one of the following scenarios to flesh out. Prompts in the form of questions accompany each scenario but should not limit students’ lines of thinking.

Scenario A: Alexander is conducting an empire-wide televised news conference at a critical point in his reign.

  • What questions might reporters ask?

  • How will Alexander respond?

Scenario B: Alexander and Darius are appearing together as guests on a television talk show after the battle at Gaugamela.

  • How will the conqueror and the defeated rival treat each other?

  • What issues will cause fireworks between them?

  • What role will the show’s host play?

Scenario C: Alexander is close to death, granting an interview to a writer for the Inquiring Macedonian.

  • What kind of publication is the Inquiring Macedonian?

    •   Of what accomplishments is Alexander most proud? 

  • What regrets about his life does Alexander have?

    • What are Alexander’s parting words to the world?

If videotape equipment is available, film the students doing their dramatizations and show them to the class.



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