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Activity 8: The Persian, Peloponnesian, and Punic Wars (GLEs: 8, 20, 38)

Materials List:  Ancient War Chart BLM, video or audio recording equipment (if available), microphone (if available)

Create a framework for studying war by using a graphic organizer (view literacy strategy descriptions) to get students used to searching for the dates, causes, sides, major battles, weapons, and effects of the wars.  Assign each student the Persian Wars, the Peloponnesian Wars, or the Punic Wars.  Hand them the Ancient War Chart BLM  graphic organizer and have them complete it as they use their textbook to research the war assigned to them. 

Have pairs of students write news interviews (one student is the reporter and the other is an eyewitness) from the battlefield of the war they researched based on what they learned.  After writing the interviews, give students time to practice them and then use available technology to broadcast (using microphones) or record (using video or audio equipment) the interviews.  Give students time after the news interviews to fill out the Ancient War Chart BLM on the other two wars that they did not research themselves.  Play the interviews back to the class if they were recorded, or use the Ancient War Chart BLM to compare the three wars as a class. 



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