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Activity 8:  Relationships between Biotic and Abiotic Factors
(SI GLEs: 7, 19; SE GLE: 36)

Materials List: pictures of ecosystems, data from Activity 2, Mikesí New Home BLM (per group)

If there is an aquarium or terrarium in the classroom, ask students to identify the biotic and abiotic factors that exist in this ecosystem. There are several textbook and online instructions available to create either an aquarium or terrarium.  If this is not practical, provide pictures of ecosystems where students can identify the biotic and abiotic factors. Once they have a clear understanding of these living and non-living factors, take students outside on the school ground (or provide pictures of different ecosystems) and have each group select an area in which they will identify the biotic and abiotic factors and how they are related. Students should construct a graphic organizer (view literacy strategy descriptions) to show the relationship between biotic and abiotic factors in their ecosystem. Have students share their information with the other groups and critique each otherís product.

Place students in small groups and provide a copy of Mikesí New Home process guide BLM (view literacy strategy descriptions) to complete by identifying the biotic and abiotic factors involved in creating a new enclosure for Mike the Tiger.  This literacy strategy involves scaffolding studentsí comprehension within unique formats.  It is designed to stimulate students thinking during or after involvement in any content area. 

Using information gathered in Activity 2, students should also identify biotic and abiotic factors that are related to animal or plant adaptations for the specific biome studied.

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