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Activity 6:  Selective Breeding (SI GLEs: 3, 19, 26, 40; LS GLE: 22)

Materials List: primary and secondary source readings, Internet access

List the following terms on the board and discuss definitions and explanations:  genetic engineering, selective breeding, inbreeding, hybrids, and test cross. Provide students with grade- level appropriate material of examples and techniques describing successful selective breeding. Discuss the pros and cons of current scientific techniques involving cattle milk producers, plant hybrids, polyploidy in plants, Brangus beef cattle, and disease-resistant plants. Describe the impact of this research on society and the environment.

Provide students with a scenario in which they are either a farmer using selective breeding techniques or a scientist using genetic engineering in developing a disease-resistant crop plant. Instruct them to construct a public announcement explaining their research and how it is beneficial.

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