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Activity 5: Triangular Trade (GLEs: 41, 42)

Materials List: Triangular Trade Map, Triangular Trade:  Advantages for both Britain and Colonies BLM

Review the following terms: export and import. Also, review the Triangular Trade among Africa, the Caribbean Islands, and the New England Colonies.

Have students use outline maps to trace trade routes and the types of cargo being traded between the regions in the Triangular Trade.

Have students respond to the following:

  • Did Triangular Trade violate the policy of mercantilism?

  • Why were New England traders permitted to continue illegal trade?

  • Did the British benefit from violations of the Navigation Acts?

Have students complete the Triangular Trade: Advantages for both Britain and Colonies BLM.  (See BLM.)

To further expand this activity reciprocal teaching (view literacy strategy descriptions) can be used to summarize and clarify how both Britain and the Colonies would continue to find success with Triangular Trade. 

Reciprocal teaching highlights four comprehension processes: summarizing, questioning, clarifying, and predicting.  Because emphasis is on understanding processes, students will need many exposures to all comprehension processes. 

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