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 Unit 1: Modern Fantasy—Through the Wardrobe

Name: Four Square Writing Method Interactive Tools
Description: Four Square Writing Method Interactive Tools (Online Link, Empty PowerPoint Template, Empty MS Word Template for teachers or students to use while using the Four Square Writing Method.The online tools shown were created by Educator Stacy Bodin and Jude Dubois (Supervisor of Classroom Technology of Vermilion Parish Schools), with permission from the Teaching & Learning Company, Publishers of the Four Square Writing Method. (July 19, 2007)
Activity:     GLE: 18b   Type: Interactive Site   Focus: Both

Name: Fantasy WebQuest
Description: Cindy Drott posted this on Blackboard during the 05-06 school year. Fantasy WebQuest could be used in classroom during a technology lesson.
Activity:     GLE: 01, 02, 08a, 10, 12,    Type: Interactive Site   Focus: Student

Name: 100 best Fantasy Novels
Description: David Pringle's list of 100 best fantasy novels. Decent list, however a few novels on this list would qualify more for the horror genre (ie: Stephen King's The Shining) as opposed to fantasy. Be selective!
Activity:     GLE: 05   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both

Name: Fantasy - Wikipedia
Description: Brief description and history of the fantasy genre from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. May be useful in preparing notes or introducing the genre to students.
Activity:     GLE: 05   Type: Online Information 

Name: Elements of Fantasy
Description: Informational site that uses stills from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films to explain the different elements of a fantasy story including hero, monsters, villain, magic, medievalism, wizards.
Activity: 01, 03, 04   GLE: 01, 06, 07, 08a   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both

Name: Barnes and Noble
Description: Students can use Barnes and Noble Booksellers' website to search for fantasy books to read during Unit 1.
Activity: 02   GLE: 08a, 40b   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both

Name: Fantasy Book Samplings
Description: Website allows students to preview a chapter or two of selected fantasy books. Could be used in activity 2 or 4 of this unit or just to turn students on to a new idea for a book to read.
Activity: 02, 04   GLE: 02, 04, 08a   Type: Interactive Site   Focus: Student

Name: 5 Important Story Elements
Description: Online information. List and description of story elements including character, setting, plot, theme, conflict.
Activity: 02a, 02b, 02c, 02d, 02e, 08a, 09d, 09f   GLE: 04   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both


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