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Unit 2: In a Galaxy Far Away—Science Fiction

Name: Twilight Zone
Description: Twilight Zone's website can be used for background information during Science Fiction unit, especially during a reading of "Monsters Are Due on Maple Street".
Activity:     GLE: 03a, 08a, 30, 37, 39a, 39d, 40b   Type: Interactive Site   Focus: Both

Name: Definitions of Science Fiction
Description: This site contains a large array of the definition of science fiction from different critics and authors. Use this site to enhance critical/creative thinking skills. Have students select the definition they feel is most appropriate and explain. Great page/idea to use near the end of your Sci-Fi unit!
Activity:     GLE: 01, 04, 08a, 10, 11, 14b, 14c, 14d, 46   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both

Area: English Language Arts    Grade: Grade 7   Unit: Unit 2: In a Galaxy Far Away—Science Fiction
Name: Science Fiction
Description: Introductory Video from United Streaming about Science Fiction, its components, and authors and books of the genre.
Activity:     GLE: 05   Type: Video   Focus: Student

Name: Sci-Fi Films
Description: Filmsite list of science fiction films. Plot summaries of different films linked to site.
Activity:     GLE: 05   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both

Name: Who is Isaac Asimov?
Description: Who2 search for Isaav Asimov. Biographical information along with links to his science fiction works.
Activity:     GLE: 05   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both

Name: Puzzlemaker
Description: Site suggested by CC Guide for creating sci-fi vocabulary puzzles.
Activity: 01   GLE: 01a, 01b, 40a, 40b, 40c   Type: Interactive Site   Focus: Both

Name: Space Oddity Lyrics
Description: Lyrics to David Bowie's "Space Oddity". Print out for students to have during activity 3.
Activity: 03   GLE: 04c, 05, 08a,08d, 40c   Type: Handout   Focus: Both

Name: Sci-Fi Authors A-Z
Description: Site contains a long list of reputable and not-so-known science fiction authors. Brief bio provided. Teacher could use list to select names for students to research on wikipedia.org or allow students to browse and select an author they find interesting.
Activity: 04   GLE:     Type: Online Information   Focus: Both

Name: Who2
Description: Famous People search engine Search people, fictional and real.
Activity: 04   GLE: 05   Type: Online Information   Focus: Student

Name: Wikipedia
Description: The free online encyclopedia. Wikipedia is updated constantly and is said to have fewer errors than Brittanica. Use as a research tool in any unit.
Activity: 04   GLE: 39a, 39b, 40a, 40b, 42c   Type: Online Information   Focus: Student

Name: Time Line Creator
Description: ReadWriteThink activity which allows students to create and print timelines. Can use specific dates or events and descriptions. Can be printed vertically or horizontally. Nice supplement for activity 5.
Activity: 05   GLE: 09a, 11, 18g, 30, 36, 40b, 42a, 43a, 42b   Type: Interactive Site   Focus: Student

Name: Science Meets Fiction
Description: List and descriptions of modern inventions and upcoming projects based on tools and devices used in science fiction stories.
Activity: 05   GLE: 10, 41   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both

Name: Writing Science Fiction
Description: Online "course" getting students started on writing their own science fiction stories. Suggestions for elements the story should contain, explanations, checklist. May want to select certain links for students to use.
Activity: 07   GLE: 08a, 20b, 23a, 23b, 24a, 25b, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32, 33, 38a, 38c, 44   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both

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