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 Unit 4: Ode to Me—Poetry
Name: Poetry Terms
Description: Grade-level definitions of poetic devices.
Activity:     GLE: 01, 03   Type: Online Information   Focus: Teacher
URL: http://hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/engramja/poemterm.html  

Name: Puns List
Description: Extensive list of puns middle school kids can relate to. Use as a springboard for students creating their own clever plays on words.
Activity:     GLE: 03b   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both
URL: http://volweb.utk.edu/Schools/bedford/harrisms/puns.htm  

Name: Poetry@pppst.com
Description: Poetry@pppst.com has a host of poetry of Free Presentations in PowerPoint format. Also inlcudes an Overview of Poetry - Definitions and more, What are the different elements between poems with rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration?, Free-Verse Poetry (alliteration), Looking at Limericks, Rhyming Poems, Nursery Rhymes, Can you Haiku, Haiku, Little Turtle: Summary - Critical Reading, The Land of Counterpane: Summary - Retelling, Shakespeare, Compare and Contrast using a poem and a fable , Who Has Seen the Wind? #1: Summary - Descriptive Words, Who Has Seen the Wind? #2: Summary - Discussing, The Wind and the Sun (Aesop's Fable) , Compare and Contrast - Who Has Seen the Wind (poem, included), to The Wind and the Sun (Aesop Fable, included) , For Kids, Poetry , Poetry Idea Machine , Poetry Pickle, What is an Acrostic Poem? , Diamante poems, Shape poems, Poetry Forms, Line Break Explorer, Giggle Poetry, For TeachersPainting Pictures with Words (Frontier), Haiku - learning module, lesson (1-2 days), Poetry Slam (2-3 days) , Poetry of Langston Hughes/ Harlem Renaissance (3-4 days) , Acrostic Poem Lesson Plans , Diamante Poem Lesson Plans, Poetry in Motion, Poetry, A Center Approach, What makes poetry - exploring line breaks, Poetry Lesson Plans and Resources (links), Poetry Lesson Plans (links) , Free Clipart , Free Templates, Free Teaching Materials
Activity:     GLE: 05d, 09, 10c, 11d, 11g, 39b   Type: Online Information   Focus: Teacher
URL: http://languagearts.pppst.com/poetry.html  

Name: Links to Poetry Plans/Information
Description: Scroll down the page for lessons, handouts, and information on all different types and elements of poetry. Lessons on Haiku, figurative language, famous poets, puns, etc.
Activity:     GLE: 05   Type: Lesson Plan   Focus: Teacher
URL: http://volweb.utk.edu/Schools/bedford/harrisms/spotlight.htm  

Name: More Poem Bio
Description: Another site with a brief description of Edgar Allan Poe and his works
Activity:     GLE: 05   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both
URL: http://americaslibrary.gov/cgi-bin/page.cgi/jb/nation/poe_1  

Name: Edgar Allan Poe
Description: Biographical details on poet Edgar Allan Poe
Activity:     GLE: 05   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both
URL: http://homework-help.aol.com/article/encyclopedia/_a/poe-edgar-allan/20051207013909990002?query=annabel%20lee&gr=&sort=  

Name: Annabel Lee
Description: Online printable/readable version of Poe's poem Annabel Lee
Activity:     GLE: 05   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both
URL: http://homework-help.aol.com/result/_a/annabel-lee/20060120181209990020?query=annabel%20lee&gr=&sort=  

Name: KidzPage Poetry
Description: Scroll down the page for links to original poetry from other middle schoolers. Many examples of Haiku. Students may be inspired after reading excellent examples of poetry from other students their age.
Activity:     GLE: 05   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both
URL: http://gardenofsong.com/kidzpage/  

Name: Poetic Devices
Description: Another school's list of poetic devices seventh grade students should know this year including alliteration, consonance, assonance, rhythm, imagery, voice, metaphor, simile, line break.
Activity: 01, 02, 05   GLE: 01, 03, 08c   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both
URL: http://www.ga.k12.pa.us/Academics/MS/7th/7writing/poetdev.htm  

Name: Extensive Poetry Glossary
Description: Huge glossary of any poetic term you could ever possibly need! You may want to give students a list of terms to locate and copy (or copy and paste) definitions. Examples provided. (irony, metaphor, simile, alliteration, rhythm, rhyme, meter, verse, stanza, epic, etc.)
Activity: 02   GLE: 01a   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both
URL: http://www.poeticbyway.com/glossary.html  

Description: This site explains the four roles students can take when performing a poetry circle. Roles include form finder, theme finder, background finder, and image finder.
Activity: 03   GLE: 09d, 28, 29, 30, 32, 38a, 38c   Type: Online Information   Focus: Teacher
URL: http://www.studyguide.org/poetry_circles.htm  

Description: Teachers can customize a printable Venn diagram for students to use in comparing poetry to prose.
Activity: 04   GLE: 07, 08c, 09d, 22c   Type: Handout   Focus: Teacher
URL: http://teachers.teach-nology.com/web_tools/graphic_org/venn_diagrams/  

Name: Poetry Just for Kids 2 Link!
Description: Poetry Just for Kids 2 Link! A variety of interactive links for kids!
Activity: 05   GLE:  03a, 03b, 03c, 05, 09d, 09g, 15b, 21, 22c   Type: Interactive Site   Focus: Student
URL: http://www.vrml.k12.la.us/cc/vp_gle/2nd/more/poetrykids2.htm  

Name: Seventh Grade Poetry Quest
Description: Cool WebQuest activity guiding students in creating a poetry booklet. Roles, themes, and requirements are all defined on this site. Even requires students to create a glossary for their finished product! Definitely worth considering!
Activity: 05, 06   GLE: 01, 03, 07, 08c, 11, 14e, 30, 37, 38c, 39c, 40b, 42a, 43a, 44, 46   Type: Interactive Site   Focus: Student
URL: http://teacherweb.com/NY/Holland/Poetryquest/  

Name: Poetry for Kids
Description: Another fine site containing definitions and examples of different forms of poetry. This page includes acrostics, autobiographical, ballad, cinquain, diamonte, color poem, haiku, epitaph, "I Wish" poems, lies, limmerick, shape.
Activity: 06   GLE: 05, 06, 08c, 21, 22c   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both
URL: http://www.kathimitchell.com/poemtypes.html  

Name: Types of Poetry
Description: Easy to use and understand definitions of different forms of poetry including haiku, free verse, ballad, cinquain, sonner, acrostic, limmerick. Definitions and examples of each are provided.
Activity: 06   GLE: 08c   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both
URL: http://www.promotega.org/msc00010/types.htm  

Name: Jefferson Parish Poetry Link Page
Description: Jefferson Parish Poetry Link Page - An assortment of poetry links to help teach poetry to 7th Grade students.
Activity: 06   GLE:  05, 06, 08c, 21, 22c   Type: Online Information   Focus: Both
URL: http://engla.jppss.k12.la.us/Poetry%20Links.htm  

Name: Writing Poetry
Description: Interactive site takes students through the steps necessary to use senses in poetry writing. First activity requires students to match words to senses used. Second activity has students identifying senses used in given examples. Third activity is actually writing the poetry.
Activity: 07   GLE: 08c, 09e, 09g, 21, 40b   Type: Interactive Site   Focus: Student
URL: http://www.tv411.org/lessons/cfm/writing.cfm?str=writing&num=8&act=1  

Name: Extended Metaphors - Composed by 7th graders
Description: An entire page filled with original work of seventh graders creating extended metaphors. Useful tool in getting students to understand that a metaphor isn't always just a once sentence device.
Activity: 07   GLE: 03a, 08c, 11, 13, 15a, 17a, 17b, 17c, 17d, 21   Type: Interactive Site   Focus: Both
URL: http://www.norfacad.pvt.k12.va.us/poetry/index.htm  


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