Vermilion Parish 8th Grade Social Studies Unit 10 Activity 13

"Raising the Bar"

Activity 13: Hurricane Katrina

Activity 13: Hurricane Katrina (GLEs: 42, 51)


Materials List:  RAFT Options for Housing Shortage BLM

  • The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina left the cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge with a housing shortage. Using economic knowledge, explain the concepts of limited resources, scarcity, and supply/demand using the following RAFT (view literacy strategy descriptions) assignment (See the RAFT Options for Housing Shortage BLM and sample below).  Allow time for students to share their RAFT assignments with a partner or the whole class. Students should include accurate and logical information in their RAFTs based on content they have learned about Katrina and its economic aftermath. 








Option 1

College Student

Newspaper Readers

Classified Ad

Searching for Affordable Housing

Option 2

Real Estate Agent

Potential Customers

Newspaper Ad

Baton Rouge Housing

Option 3

City Planner

City Council

Housing Proposal

Public Housing

Option 4


Government Officials


Temporary Housing














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