Vermilion Parish 8th Grade Social Studies Unit 10 Activity 5

"Raising the Bar"

Activity 5: Careers, Training, and Specialization in Louisiana

Activity 5: Careers, Training, and Specialization in Louisiana (GLE: 45, 46)

Material List: Copies of the employment/help wanted section of a Louisiana newspaper and of a wider circulation newspaper such as The New York Times or The Washington Post, Job Search BLM, Careers BLM)

Provide copies of the employment/help wanted section of a Louisiana newspaper and perhaps a paper with a wider circulation, such as The New York Times or The Washington Post.  In addition to the employment/help wanted section in the newspapers, students could use Yahoo! HotJobs: and/or CityNews:

Half of the class research local jobs and half of the class research out-of-state jobs.

Each student will fill out the Job Search BLM concerning their job.

Type of job Information about the job
Qualifications needed (Example: education, experience, skills, etc.)  
Starting salary or range  

After completing the researching of an occupation and completing the Job Search BLM, place students in groups to share their findings.  Be sure to pit several students who researched Louisiana jobs in each group.  Have students complete the process guide  (view literacy strategy descriptions) concerning specialization in Louisiana employment (See the Careers BLM and sample below).

What jobs/career require special training?
What percentage of the employment section, roughly, is devoted to the larger specializations? What needs does that speak to in Louisiana?
What jobs might you come to Louisiana for specifically?
What jobs might you have to leave Louisiana to secure?

Using newspapers/magazines, ask students in groups to cut out five advertisements for different career opportunities/job openings per group.  Using these advertisements, students will participate in a job fair, complete with an interview process that they will role-play with other members in their group.  To prepare for these interviews, have students research three sources of their own determination to learn about education and training for these jobs and careers.  An annotated list of these resources should be submitted as a part of the "interview" process as well as an informal written discussion of how skills/knowledge and technical training increase personal productivity and career opportunities and which skills/knowledge would enhance their particular career prospects.

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