Vermilion Parish 8th Grade Social Studies Unit 10 Activity 3

"Raising the Bar"

Activity 3: Making Effective Economic Decisions

Activity 3: Making Effective Economic Decisions (GLE: 42, 43, 44)

Material List: Making Effective Effective Economic Decisions BLM

Provide the students with the following scenario:

  • Louisiana has experienced an abnormal seasonal drought that is depleting water sources.  Your community is having difficulty in replenishing potable water at the current rate of consumption.  You are asked to serve on a citizen's committee to provide suggestions for conserving the town's water supply.

The students are placed in small groups with a graphic organizer (view literacy strategy descriptions) to provide responses to the following situation (See Making Effective Decisions BLM and sample below.)  Allow time for student groups to debate and discuss their responses as a whole class.

Situation Conservation Plan Consequence
Decorative outdoor fountains attract tourist, but use 1,000 gallons/day.    
Home owners have increased lawn watering due to drought.    

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